Well Inspections

Love Well & Water Works LLC offers well inspections. Whether you’re buying or selling property or are just looking to check the quality of your water, we can come inspect your well and water system to ensure that it is fully functional and in working order. We work with many local builders, real estate agents and contractors to ensure your water quality is safe, clean and drinkable before you ever move in your home or business.

well inspections

Detailed Home Well Inspections

When acquiring a property, you must ensure that the existing well will satisfy and continue to fulfill your family’s demands. Prior to funding the property, lending institutions will also want to ensure the well fits their standards.

As part of the home inspection process when acquiring a new house, you must establish whether the well that feeds the system fits the bank’s financing standards. According to the terms of many mortgages, the well must generate three gallons per minute for two hours, or five gallons per minute for four hours.

Although some home inspectors may offer this service, it is advisable to get advice from a professional well contractor. In many situations, we can provide substantially more information about the well system than a house inspector can.

We look for the following during our well inspections:

  • Effectively sealed well head
  • Starting well static (this is the depth to water from the ground) Commence flow rate test at desired flow rate
  • Collect the needed bacteria sample set for that mortgage
  • Measure the amperage of the pump system during the flow test to ensure that the pump is operating properly.
  • Visually check the pressure tank and tank tee fittings to see if the tank may be waterlogged or corroded, necessitating replacement.
  • Verify that the system appears to be operating properly and that it is pressurizing the lines. You do not want to discover that the underground or well waterline has a leak once you have moved into your new residence.
  • Once the flow test is complete, determine the final static pressure (the depth to water from ground level after the well has pumped the duration of the flow test).
  • If necessary, properly reseal or replace the well cap with a hygienic sealed top.

When conducting a flow rate test

Love Well & Water Works LLC puts the water via a hose and meter so that we can compute exactly how much water the well pumped during the test, as opposed to “guessing” as is common during house inspections.

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