We welcome you to our guide on Well Pump Maintenance for New Owners.

If you have recently purchased a well, it is possible that you have not been fully briefed on its capabilities and restrictions, as well as its requirements for daily care and routine maintenance, among other things. We realize that Well Pump maintenance for new owners is daunting. Here are some of the fundamentals of everyday care for a well pump that a new owner should be aware of.

Avoid Well Damage

– You will want to steer clear of anything that has even a remote possibility of accidentally causing harm to your well pump, well casing, or other well components, or contaminating the water. The following are some suggestions that can assist in avoiding these problems:

– Not allowing the soil level around your well casing to become too high; the top of the casing needs to be at least a foot or more above the surface at all times.

– Keeping any chemicals and other potentially hazardous goods, including paint, away from any and all sections of the well.
Mowing or pruning the lawn with lawn equipment too close to the well could cause damage to the casing, so try to avoid doing so.

If you follow these guidelines and use common sense, you should be able to protect your well from pollution and damage.

Take Care of Your Well at Home.

In addition to preventing harm to your well, you should educate yourself on how to execute fundamental upkeep tasks around the house. Among the many upkeep responsibilities that will likely fall on your shoulders are the following:

– Locate the well cap and perform a thorough visual inspection of it at least once every few months and after any major storms.
– Check if the pump is still making the same noises as normal by listening to it occasionally.
– Keep a close eye on the water’s appearance, flavor, noises, and pressure as it passes through your pipes.
– You should keep detailed records of any and all work done to your well pump, including inspections, repairs, and tests of the water.

You can better maintain and monitor your well pump by following these measures in between scheduled maintenance visits.

Make Professional Arrangements for Your Health Care.

In order to properly maintain your well, you will on occasion be need to call in the assistance of a trained specialist. The following are examples of well maintenance tasks that should only be undertaken by a qualified professional contractor:

– Examining the current of the water
– Examination of water for the presence of pollutants
– Performing an inspection of the check valve (for submersible pumps)
– Performing an inspection of the bearings in the pump motor
– Conducting a thorough inspection of the start capacitor in addition to the other electrical components

The specialist who works on your well can also inspect for any symptoms of difficulties, such as components that may be wearing out faster than intended. Fixing any and all of these issues will help you avoid a breakdown that could leave you without water and require you to call for emergency repairs.

Keep Up With When Your Well Requires Repairs

In relation to well repairs, it is possible that you will, in the years to come, find yourself in need of the assistance of well contractors on occasion. while you have become accustomed to how your well acts while it is being used normally, you will be in a better position to recognize when something is not functioning properly. Here are some indications that you should get in touch with a repair service:

– Even though the fuse has already been tested, the well would not turn on.
– Something is off about the way the well water smells, tastes, or looks compared to the norm.
– The submersible pump in the well seems to operate continuously without stopping.
– The casing of the well pump appears to have some damage.

These and other anomalies of a similar nature are indications that something is not right. In most cases, contacting a qualified well pump contractor for repairs is your best bet if you want to get things back up and running smoothly.

Get ready for any Well Emergencies that may arise.

One other well maintenance for new owners thing to keep in mind is that any well, no matter how good it is or how often it is maintained, can have problems. For instance, the casing of the well could sustain damage from an earthquake, or the well could be flooded by a hurricane. In the event that this occurs, you will need to ensure that you have sufficient water reserves to endure until the well can be fixed. Additionally, ensure that you have emergency water purification and filtration equipment on available.

These are some of the fundamentals that you should know in order to make your way through the fascinating new sector of well ownership. Well maintenance for new owners isn’t that daunting once you have all the information. It is important to keep in mind to get in touch with a reputed well repair and maintenance firm such as Love Well & Water Works if you need expert assistance in taking care of your new well. We provide a variety of services relating to well pumps, including installation, repairs, and inspections.