Well Maintenance Professional or Plumber?

The age old question.

In this article we help you know how to determine who to call.

We frequently get inquiries through phone about any and all problems that are associated with water, water pressure, and pumps in our capacity as experienced water well maintenance contractors. However, due to the fact that these questions may involve pipes or systems that a plumber is trained to fix, they are sometimes better suited to be answered by a plumber.

In a similar manner, plumbers frequently receive calls that need to be redirected to professionals who work with water wells. The reason for this is that the property owners are aware that there is a problem, but they do not know how to locate the origin of the issue. Use the following guidelines to help you choose whether you require the services of a plumber or a firm that specializes in well repair if you are unsure which you require.
The Function of the Plumber

Certified plumbers are experts in the maintenance and repair of plumbing systems, including those that provide heating, potable water, drainage, and sanitation services in residential and commercial properties. In addition to unclogging toilets, showers, and bathtubs, they are trained to discover and repair hidden leaks and are qualified to repair water heaters that are leaking. In addition, plumbers carry out routine maintenance inspections that are likely too difficult for do-it-yourselfers to handle successfully. Cleaning drains, cleaning garbage disposals, cleaning water heaters, performing pressure tests to look for hairline breaches, and evaluating the water pressure within the home are all included in these examinations.

The only jobs that require the plumber to go outdoors are ones that deal with the septic system or the sewer lines. In the event that these systems spring a leak, the plumber has the training and qualifications necessary to repair it.

The Function of the Professional in Charge of Water Well Maintenance

Professionals that work with water wells are responsible for maintaining the water and plumbing systems outside of the home as well as in the water well itself. In addition to this, they conduct routine maintenance checks on your water pump in order to evaluate its pressure, flow rate, static water level, and water quality.

You can engage a specialist who works on water wells to repair or replace your water pump, to winterize your water well, to do simple electrical repairs, and to install your pump and pressure system. You might also contact a specialist that works on water wells to help you plug your well or connect your home to the city water system.

Clogged pipes inside the home are the responsibility of a plumber, while those outside the home are the responsibility of a specialist who specializes in water wells. When you aren’t completely certain what the cause of the issue is, that’s when things start to get complicated.

The situation with the water pressure is a good illustration of a scenario in which you might not know who to call. Both plumbers and specialists who work in water wells do maintenance and repairs on systems that manage water pressure. If your pump is not functioning properly, it may be because it is positioned incorrectly within the well and needs to be moved down. On the other hand, it may indicate that the pump is positioned incorrectly and needs to be moved because it is too high in the well.

If the specialist who services your water well checks your water well pump and finds nothing wrong with it, then the problem may be with the plumbing in your home, such as a pipe that is stopped up within the house. Calling is often the only way to determine which kind of expert you require, and here at Lovewell, we are pleased to take your call and put you in touch with a plumber if that is the kind of expert who can assist you.