Typical Warning Signs of Well Water Problems

To guarantee that they continue to function correctly over the course of their lifespans, water wells, whether they are used for private or commercial purposes, need routine maintenance and attention. Such maintenance should, in general, be performed before any big issues occur; however, in certain situations, significant issues will give you strong indicators that such maintenance or repairs are necessary on your water well. In general, such maintenance should be performed before any serious issues occur. Keep reading to learn the signs of Well water problems.

Strange Noises

Groaning, moaning, buzzing, grinding, or even growling could be coming from your water pipes or the well pump if you hear these sounds. These indicate problems with the pump, and you should get in touch with our team as soon as possible so that we can investigate the issue before any potentially hazardous concerns arise.
Sputtering Faucets

Many of us have had the unfortunate experience of dealing with a sputtering faucet at some point in our lives: Blasts of air with little shots of water here and there, followed by what should be a normal flow of water thereafter (though this is not always the case). This is a symptom that there is an excessive amount of air in your plumbing system, which can typically be traced back to problems with the well pump, which can sometimes be traced back to a faulty valve.

Damage sustained by a drop pipe that is linked to the pump can be the cause of the issue in some circumstances. In other instances, the well pump itself might need to be moved to a lower location since the water table in your area has decreased. This means that the pump is inadvertently sucking in an excessive amount of air rather than water.

Use Your Other Senses
A few other senses that should be taken into consideration here are:

Taste: Because we are all familiar with the way that clean and healthy water should taste, it is important to be aware of any significant changes in the flavor of your water. For example, if your water has a metallic taste, this could indicate that it contains high amounts of iron or manganese.

Smell: Water may also have a smell that is different than what it should ordinarily have, such as a sulfur or rotten egg smell. This is because hydrogen sulfide may enter the groundwater as a result of decomposing organic waste, and this may cause the water to smell differently than it should.

Appearance: Water may have a number of peculiar colors or tones, and each of these could be an indication of a different type of particle that is present. Call our staff and describe the color of your water if it is unusual in any way so that we can investigate further.

Well Cap Issues

You should perform routine inspections on the top of your well casing, namely the well cap cover, to ensure that it is covering the region appropriately and completely at all times. If it has been compromised in any way, insects may find their way inside and poison the water, which will lead to significant problems. Verify that the cap is raised at least six inches off the ground, that it is functioning appropriately, and that it is not being obstructed by any plants or other growths in the vicinity.

Contamination Signs

Last but not least, if you do not take the necessary safety measures, there are a number of potential toxins that could get up in your drinking water. The following are some of these, along with the common symptoms they cause:

Hard water: If the well produces hard water, this could indicate that groundwater is seeping into the water supply, which could allow for the presence of a variety of minerals as well as hazardous toxins.

Agricultural runoff: This is one area where indications are difficult to pick up since nitrates, which are the most common contaminants from agricultural runoff, are colorless, odorless, and tasteless. Agricultural runoff is one of the most significant contributors to water pollution in the United States. Due to the fact that some toxins in well water may not give off any signals, it is imperative that the water be tested on a regular basis in this particular area.

Well Water Problems are serious issues that cannot wait to be looked at. Give us here at Lovewell and Waterworks a call today!