Well & Private Water UV Sterilization Systems.
The treatment of drinking water to remove disease-causing organisms at a cheap cost and without the use of chemicals is achieved by the application of ultraviolet (UV).

The installation of ultraviolet (UV) systems in private water sources comes with a number of advantages, the most important of which are the following:

The improvement of the water’s overall safety. The use of ultraviolet light (UV) makes certain that potentially harmful organisms, which can survive other water treatment processes and end up in your tap water, are effectively rendered harmless. There is evidence that ultraviolet radiation can kill more than 99.99% of bacteria and viruses.Because there is no addition of dangerous chemicals or by-products to the water, there is no possibility of a “overdose.”
UV sterilization systems have no discernible impact on the flavor, odor, or transparency of the water.
Low cost to operate; in fact, some of these systems consume less power than a standard lightbulb.
Simple to install and keep up with.

It is possible to feel completely overwhelmed when faced with the task of selecting the appropriate UV system; there is a wide variety of systems and specifications that may be customized to meet your spending limits and needs.

Financial Structures
The Daro ECO series is an affordable and cost-effective system with running expenses anticipated to be as low as 12 pence each day. The price for an 11 l/min system is £220. Users who are looking for a simple, low-cost system that does not include any advanced features frequently go with the Daro ECO system because of its generous 5-year warranty, which makes it an attractive option. On the other hand, changing the lights on a Daro ECO system can be more difficult because you need access at both ends of the chamber in order to remove the lamp holders or the quartz sleeve. The user can tell the lamp is on because it emits a blue glow that can be seen through the white lens caps that are provided; however, there are no indicators on the control system that can tell the user when it is time to replace the lamp.

Mid-range Systems
The entry-level price for a mid-range system is only £266 for an 18 l/min system. Consumers seeking for a system that has a control module to signal that the system is receiving power and lamp function status (if the lamp fails, the LED will be off) often choose products from the Daro Saphir range since it is a popular choice. The Daro Saphir system lamp may also be easily accessed by opening only one end of the chamber, which makes the process of replacing the lamp a straightforward and trouble-free endeavor.

High-Performance and Spectacular Systems

The Daro Saphir+ is our recommended and best-selling UV disinfection system. Its price begins at £389 for a system that can handle 18 l/min. Additional lamp status information is included in the Daro Saphir+, which notifies the user when the lamp needs to be replaced or if the lamp has malfunctioned and needs to be replaced. In addition to that, it comes with an hour counter and volt free contacts, both of which give users the ability to attach a solenoid shut off valve in order to prevent the system from functioning normally in the case that the lamp or the power goes out. In the event that something goes wrong with the system, an alert will go off, allowing for the detection of interruptions right away.

A further advantage is that the Saphir+ comes with the capability to add an SMS module, which, in the event that the system fails, will send a text message to users alerting them to the problem.
Systems that are pre-assembled and can be used immediately after being plugged in and activated.
This pre-assembled device is constructed in-house with a Daro Saphir+ UV System in conjunction with a sediment filter that has the capability of being modified to meet the specifications of your particular system.

The device may be put on a ply backboard that is (Wx80xH100cm) in size, and the system comes with either a clear 10″ or 20″ pre-filter housing, making it possible to identify any sediment buildup that may have occurred. Although the image depicts a configuration for flows from right to left, this can be modified to accommodate flows in either direction upon request.

Therefore, regardless of whether you are looking for an economical budget system or a fully specified unit with an automatic shutoff, we have a variety of systems available to meet your requirements. We hope that this article helped answer any questions regarding UV sterilization systems.