Typically, when your well pump starts on, the pressure switch should make a clicking sound as it turns on and off. But, if you hear the pressure switch going on and off repeatedly, even while no water is running in your home, you have an issue that requires the assistance of a specialist.

Below is an outline of the most prevalent causes of nonstop well pump operation and how a well professional might resolve the issue:

  • You have an always operating appliance or fixture: Even if you believe you are not using water in your residence, your sinks, toilets, and faucets may have different ideas. Continuously running toilets and other appliances need a continual water supply, which might be one reason why your well pump runs continuously. If you believe that you have a leaking fixture, you will likely need the assistance of a plumber.
  • The level of water decreased: It is possible for water levels to decrease even if your well pump is functioning normally. For instance, the local water table may have fallen, there may be a drought, or your well may be unable to meet the additional demand. Contact a local well contractor to inspect the pump, water levels, and flow rate; if the flow rate does not match the present water level, the pump will continue to cycle on and off.
  • The pressure control switch on the pump is not functioning: Furthermore problematic is the pressure control switch on your well pump. Sometimes the switch has become worn over time and must be replaced, while other times it is only a question of cleaning the contacts and inspecting the machinery for obstructions. If the cut-out pressure was set higher than the well’s capacity, the pump will continue to operate. A well professional can examine the switches and cut-out pressure settings to discover whether they are the cause of the issue. They will then either make modifications or replace the switch.
  • The pump is broken. Obviously, there are instances when your pump is just broken; all machinery has a fixed lifespan and will ultimately fail. This results in the well cycling because it cannot generate sufficient pressure.
  • Your well is leaking: If there is a leak in your well or pipe, the pump will not be able to generate sufficient pressure to raise water. In turn, the pump will not get the signal to cease operation. Contact a well contractor to see if this is the issue and to do the required repairs.

Like to other household gear and appliances, water wells require routine inspection, maintenance, and repair. Ensure that you contact a well professional at the first indication of difficulty; as soon as you discover that your pump is always running, contact Love Well and Water Works immediately. We are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you with any well-related issues. We forward hearing from you soon.