It is a nightmare to replace your well water pump, not only because you will be without fresh water while awaiting delivery, but also because new installation might be costly. You want your pump to have a long lifespan for good reason. Following these well care procedures can help assure that your pump will not need to be replaced for well over a decade.

Improve the safety valve lifespan

While the pump is not operating, the check valve stops water from flowing back through the pipe. Without the check valve, this water might cause damage to the pump and a loss of pressure. Most pumps include built-in check valves, however they are composed of fragile, cheap plastic. We propose a brass valve upgrade. These only cost approximately $20 and are indestructible for years.

Add a torque arrestor

In its lifetime, your pump will start and stop thousands of times. The initial force bends the pump and pipe each time it begins, which might harm the insulation around the wires. A torque arrestor clamps to the top of the pump where it meets the pipe to prevent movement of the assembly. These gadgets, which can be purchased for $15, extend the life of your pump by years and save costly repairs.

Use heat shrink tube

Your pump will come with a few feet of wire to connect it to its power source; but, depending on the position of your pump, you may need to add a few more feet of wire to power it. As part of your well maintenance, we advise protecting these spliced wires with heat-shrinkable tubing. This low-cost tubing shields your wires from the elements and decreases the possibility of a short circuit.

Mount a float switch

Low water levels pose significant challenges for your well pump. When the pump continues to operate without water, the motor may rapidly burn out. This necessitates costly repairs or the installation of a brand-new pump. Installing a float switch that senses low water levels and instantly shuts off the pump is the greatest defense against this problem. They are available for less than $100, but should be installed by a professional.

Perform early fixes

One of the greatest errors you can make is ignoring a malfunctioning well pump. Decreased water pressure, quick clicking sounds, sputtering faucets, and excessive energy costs are a few warning signs. If you observe any of these symptoms, contact a professional immediately to repair your equipment. Otherwise, it may require replacement.

Employ a professional for annual upkeep for long lifespan

The best approach to extend the lifespan of your pump is to have a professional inspect it once a year. This annual inspection will assist verify that everything is operating as it should and uncover any potential issues before they become severe.

What services can our team provide to increase your pump lifespan?

Call our professionals at Love Well and Water Works if you want new installation, emergency repairs, or routine well maintenance. We provide a variety of pump services to maintain the flow of your fresh water.