Do you utilize an irrigation system to maintain the lush appearance of your home or business property? These methods can be useful for grass maintenance. Nonetheless, irrigation systems are frequently abused. This results in inadequate irrigation and a deteriorating landscape. It is also capable of causing system harm. Your neighborhood experts in well water pumps have witnessed a few frequent errors throughout the years. Below is a list of the most frequent irrigation mistakes. Avoid these errors and safeguard your property from unneeded harm by using this as a guide.

Using several types of irrigation heads within the same zone.

Various types of sprinklers give varying coverage. For instance, one nozzle may offer coverage at a rate of 0.10 to 0.25 inches per hour, while another delivers coverage at a rate of 1.35 to 2.15 inches per hour. If you position both of these heads in the same zone, you will waste resources. You will need to run the zone longer to apply adequate water to the drier region, while the higher-output area will be overwatered. Always maintain uniform irrigation mistakes heads for each zone.

Placing sprinkler heads at inappropriate intervals

The manufacturer suggests certain spacing between heads. Do not install them at larger distances in an effort to decrease operation, maintenance, or installation costs. You will incur additional costs since you will be utilizing the system in a manner for which it was not intended. You will not receive adequate coverage and will place additional strain on the system.

Not differentiating watering options for planting beds and lawns

The root systems of trees, ground plants, and shrubs are extensive. They require far less water than your lawn. Always water shrub and planter beds independently of grass areas. If you do not, you are simply wasting water on the plant regions, and you may drown some plants while attempting to water your lawn adequately.

Waste of water from overspray

If you install an irrigation head such that it sprays water into a driveway, sidewalk, or other non-landscaped area, you waste far more water than you realize. That may appear to be small overspray, but it quickly accumulates during the season. Always arrange heads with care to avoid wasting resources.

Leaving out the rain shutoff

How frequently have you witnessed an irrigation system operating during a rainstorm? A setting that prevents the system from operating during or after sufficient rainfall is a worthwhile investment. Often, a basic gadget pays for itself in one to two seasons.

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