If you’re contemplating purchasing a property with an on-site water well, there are a few things you should know. Utilize the following information on water wells to educate yourself about these systems. These recommendations will assist you in determining if a property with a water well is a good alternative or whether you should investigate other possibilities.


Learn as much as possible about the water in the region. Keep in mind that huge regions share groundwater, so a problem with one property often impacts several others. Inquire with the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States about any known water issues in the region. If you are working with a real estate agent to purchase a property, he or she may also be aware of any water problems in the area.

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You should also get familiar with any local legislation governing wells. The seller may be compelled to furnish you with a well water test. In certain regions, the buyer is liable for this examination. The first step is to ascertain who has this obligation. Finally, ensure that any testing conducted complies with local rules and that the results satisfy current requirements.


Several tests should be undertaken to determine that the water’s quality is adequate. The initial evaluation is for safety and purity. A tap water sample will be submitted to a laboratory to analyze the composition of the water. A report will be supplied outlining the findings in the water. You should have an expert evaluate the findings of this test to determine whether or not the water’s element levels are appropriate. The majority of tests measure pH, iron, copper, fluoride, calcium, manganese, and chloride levels.

Moreover, you should search for volatile organic chemicals as part of your tests (VOCs). Included are gasoline chemicals. These are substances that should never be present in your water supply.

The third test that should be performed is a radon test. As this is not often included in the elements checked for in a regular water test, you should request that the lab include this information in the findings. Radon may be present in both old and new household water wells, therefore it is necessary to check.


If you acquire this information and determine that there is a problem with the water supply, you can decide not to purchase the property, investigate possibilities for drilling a new well, or perform hydrofracking to alter the well’s water supply.

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