Wells offer water to millions of homes and businesses in the United States that are not linked to municipal water system. Humans have been digging wells for millennia, but the water wells of today are substantially different from those of antiquity.

The majority of contemporary wells consist of a set of components that are meant to operate together to provide a steady supply of clean water. Continue reading to learn more about the fundamental components of a well water system:

  • Well head: The well head is one of the few visible components of a well water system from the surface. The well cap is included within this PVC component. Well head and cap aid in preventing debris and impurities from entering the well. In addition, the head helps conceal the electrical wires linked to the well pump.
  • Well Casing: Because the bulk of your well’s components are buried underground, it is crucial that they be protected against pollution and corrosion by the surrounding soil. Well casings are normally composed of PVC, however some older wells have steel casings. They hold the well pump and pipes that transport water to the surface.

The pump is an important part of a well system. The majority of contemporary wells are equipped with an electric pump that takes water from the ground and pushes it through the plumbing of a home or business. When a well stops operating or water pressure decreases, there is generally a problem with the operation of the well pump. Happily, well pump professionals will be able to diagnose the problem with your pump and restore its proper operation.

In addition to these essential components, there are a few minor components that assist safeguard your well and keep the water as pure as possible. In the bottom of your well casing, for instance, there is a screen that serves as a water filter. In addition to this screen, some wells contain a sand deposit at the bottom of the well casing to further filter the water. Furthermore, pressure grout is put on the inside wall of some wells to protect the system from external debris.

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