Well pumps are equipment that pump water straight from a well into a storage tank for later use. The pressure tank system of a well pump failure forces water from the storage tank or reservoir into the home’s plumbing.

How do well pump’s function?

As water is pumped into your tank, the air pressure rises until it reaches a certain level. After this point, air pressure forces water through the plumbing system of a residence.

As you utilize water from your tank, the air quality degrades. When the air pressure drops below a certain threshold, the pump reactivates. This guarantees that water is always available when needed.

Submersible and jet well pumps are the most prevalent types of well pumps. Submersible pumps function subterraneanly. They use water under pressure to pump water to the surface of the earth and into a storage tank.

Above the ground are positioned jet pumps. They extract water from the air using a motor and a suction pipe.

Common Well Pump Failure Causes

When your well pump fails, you cannot obtain the potable water you rely on. Therefore, it is necessary to be knowledgeable with and proficient with pump difficulties.

Below are the three most prevalent reasons for well pump failure.

Water Standard

One of the most prevalent causes of well pump failure is water quality. Your well pump may fail prematurely if the water quality is poor.

Minerals might obstruct the pump, causing it to wear out. Additionally, bacteria can develop a slime that might obstruct machinery. The well liner should be inspected since it provides the best protection against corrosion.

Dry Well Pump Failure

During a drought, many water wells dry up. As the water level decreases, the pump cannot extract enough water. This can rapidly damage the impeller and diffuser, resulting in the rapid destruction of the pump. Additionally, it causes seal rubbers to dry up and fracture, enabling water to enter the engine.

A low water cutoff switch can be installed to detect when the water level is low. This will prevent the well pump from sustaining damage and overheating.

Well Tank

Typically, a well tank is located in the basement. It contains the water piped into your residence.

A well tank that is too small for your family’s needs might force your pump to work continuously to maintain the tank filled. If it pumps excessively, the well pump may fail prematurely. To avoid this, you may safeguard your well pump by installing a larger well tank.

Where To Obtain Aid

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