Wells are crucial for property owners who do not have access to municipal water sources, but they require additional upkeep and care to ensure that they continue to provide pure water. Property owners can maintain their wells operating more effectively, efficiently, securely, and dependably if they have a better understanding of routine well servicing. Continue reading to discover more about what well upkeep includes.

Preventive well servicing suggestions

  • Preventative well servicing is required to keep a well in excellent functioning condition. Without routine maintenance, well components will deteriorate more quickly and require more substantial repairs over time. It is crucial to maintain your well in order to save money on repairs and keep your water safe and free of contaminants. Listed below are some of the most crucial parts of well maintenance:
  • Regular mechanical tests: One of the most essential things for well owners to undertake as part of normal well maintenance is to conduct an annual mechanical test to evaluate the operation and condition of the well’s mechanical components. These tests are essential for identifying problems with wells before they become catastrophic issues that cause wells to fail.
  • In addition to inspecting the mechanical components of your well, it is essential to test your well water for contamination and pollution on a regular basis. Routinely test for common pollutants, such as coliform bacteria and nitrates. Monitor local water advisories and conduct water testing for any other toxins or pollutants that may be prevalent in your region.
  • Clean up the area surrounding the well. Any dangerous substances above the well might leak into the earth and pollute the well water. Therefore, ensure that the region above the well is devoid of any potentially harmful items that might contaminate the well water. This includes fertilizers, insecticides, vehicle fluids, and any other chemical mixes that might potentially leach into the water.
  • For wells to operate securely, they must be positioned with sufficient clearance from dwellings, waste systems, and chemical storage facilities. A well servicing contractor can conduct a comprehensive examination of a well to ensure that it was installed correctly and is far enough away from any contamination sources. It is also essential to ensure that well caps and covers are firmly attached to the well.
  • Inspect older wells: Since the average lifespan of a well is 20 years, older wells should be inspected to verify they are still in excellent functioning condition. If your well is no longer functioning safely or effectively, you should replace it with a new one to provide a reliable supply of pure water.

Schedule well maintenance

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