A well may be a dependable supply of water so long as it is properly maintained to provide high-quality water throughout the year. Owners of private wells are sometimes hesitant to seek expert maintenance unless there is an issue with the water. Maintenance gives you confidence that your water is safe and that your well system is operating at its peak. This page will address any questions you may have regarding well maintenance, including when you should contact a professional to inspect your well system.

Does My Well Require Upkeep?

Yes. As with any other system in your home, your well must be routinely inspected to ensure that it consistently produces high-quality water throughout the year. Wells are susceptible to contamination if left unattended for too long. Over time, pollutants and toxic substances may seep into the well, posing a threat to public safety and health. The well’s pump and other mechanical components also experience wear and tear. If overlooked, the malfunctioning system may eventually fail, resulting in expensive well pump repair. Therefore, your well need continuous examination and maintenance.

When should I consider contacting an expert to inspect my well system?

Once every year, at minimum, you should get your system inspected. Poorly maintained water wells frequently have issues. In most circumstances, you can perform basic repairs yourself, but you should consult a professional for major concerns. Ignoring indicators of deterioration or delaying repairs to your water well system may eventually result in costly repairs or, worse, the loss of your water supply. In addition to annual inspections, you should consider hiring a professional to assess your well system if the following conditions exist:

You Observe Alterations in the Water

If you see alterations in the water’s flavor, odor, or color, you should contact water professionals to inspect the well and establish the problem. In the meanwhile, refrain from utilizing the water until your specialist gives the go-ahead.

One or more of Your Family Members Develop Gastrointestinal Illness

The likelihood that your well water is polluted depends on the location of the well and other environmental conditions. If you or other members of your family suffer from gastrointestinal sickness, it may be time for a checkup. The water may include harmful chemicals or substances, such as pesticides, fertilizers, or motor oil.

The System Makes Bizarre or Clicking Noises

If your well system is producing unusual noises, it may be defective. It might be the pump, the water pipe, or the tank. You can contact your well professional to investigate the source of the sounds and repair or replace any worn-out components.

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