If your house or company is not connected to the municipal water supply, you will need to use well water. Your well must be properly maintained to ensure that the well water continues to flow effectively. Even with regular preventive maintenance and North Carolina well pump repair, all equipment ultimately wears out. Therefore, it is prudent to be aware of the indications that you may require a new well pump.

Read on to learn what to check for, and then contact us to get a replacement.

How to determine when to replace a well pump

Here are the indications that your well pump has stopped functioning:

  • Not accessible water: If you attempt to turn on your faucet or flush your toilets and no water comes out, this is a clear indicator that your well pump is malfunctioning. Verify that your pressure tank is operational in order to rule out other potential explanations. Check your yard for wet or muddy patches to rule out leaking pipes.
  • Low water pressure may indicate a problem with the pressure tank or an inability of the pump to extract sufficient water. Verify if all faucets are experiencing the same issue. If just one faucet has low pressure, it may be due to iron bacteria accumulation; however, if all faucets have low pressure, the problem lies in the pump or pressure tank.
  • Leaking faucets : If your faucets spit, then air is present in your plumbing system. This might indicate that the pump is having difficulty pulling water up and is instead pushing air up. It is also possible that the pipe is broken or that the water table is too low to supply enough water.
  • The continual operation of your pump is an indication that it needs to be either fixed or replaced. Other possible reasons include priming, leaking pipes, or a defective pressure control switch.
  • Finally, if your well water seems foul and smells like rotten eggs, this is usually a symptom of minerals in the water; however, if dirt or sediment comes out, the pump must be fixed or replaced.

If you see any of these symptoms, you should contact a well contractor immediately. Whether you want a repair or installation of a new well pump in North Carolina, you will need the assistance of an experienced specialist. Your well contractor will examine the above-mentioned difficulties to rule out other potential reasons and will then either repair or replace it.

Clean, flowing water is essential for all homes and businesses. For assistance with well pump installation and maintenance in North Carolina, contact Love Well and Water Works!