A private well may be a significant addition to your property, but only if there is proper water maintenance. Now that you have built a separate water source for your home, it is your responsibility to guarantee that it provides only pure water.

To guarantee that your private well provides potable water, you must have a trustworthy firm install it. Find a reliable provider in your neighborhood and entrust them with the installation.

In the future, you must also keep a tight eye on your private well by doing routine water quality tests. How often must water be tested? You may get the answer to this question and more by continuing to read.

How often should water maintenance be applied?

A private well may be a wonderful addition to your house, but it also comes with additional obligations. Your primary responsibility is to frequently inspect the quality of your well water.

So, how often must you verify that?

An annual inspection is the absolute minimum for a private well. A minimum annual well water quality examination is advised for many reasons.

Due to the impossibility of predicting how your private well will age, you should first invest in yearly testing.

Private wells are projected to last around 40 years. However, there is no assurance that they will remain in excellent shape for so long. Due to faulty installation or external circumstances, a private well may develop troubles early in its lifecycle. Detecting these disorders as early as feasible is essential for safeguarding the health of your family.

In addition, regular testing provides a picture of your water quality. If the quality of the water from your private well fluctuates considerably in a single year, external factors may be to blame. Those test findings may be admissible as evidence if you decide to take legal action.

Is testing well water more often than once a year necessary?

In most circumstances, annual testing of a private well’s water supply is sufficient. However, you should not feel constrained by this advice. If you feel that anything is awry, you may have your well water tested many times.

If you’ve observed that your tap water suddenly has an unusual taste and/or odor, you should determine the reason. Testing will help in this respect.

As a preventative strategy, further testing is also recommended. If anything in your neighborhood might impact your private well or if someone in your home requires constant access to contaminant-free water, you should get your well water tested.

When is the optimal time to do a well water test?

Spring or early summer is the optimal period to do well water testing. During this season, contaminated water is more prevalent, and the likelihood of these contaminants entering your water supply is greatly enhanced.

Test at this period to ensure that the water from your private well stays pure despite the bad weather conditions. Contact us to learn more!