Love Well & Water Works LLC takes its duty to safeguard consumers from lead exposure seriously. Through the Lead and Copper Rule, the Environmental Protection Agency of the United States (EPA) controls lead in drinking water. The rule mandates that utilities test tap water from a sample of lead-piped residences. 90% of the samples examined must have lead levels below 15 parts per billion (ppb). Love Well & Water Works LLC satisfies all EPA regulations for lead in water and is committed to testing for lead at the tap, replacing lead service pipes in its system, and assisting customers detect lead sources on their property.

How can lead contamination start?

Love Well & Water Works LLC water source has no lead, nor does its drinking water contain any lead after it leaves the treatment plant and travels through our miles of lead-free pipes. Lead enters drinking water mostly due to corrosion, or the wearing away, of lead-containing components in customer-owned water service lines and domestic plumbing. Common lead-containing items include solder, brass plumbing fixtures, chrome-plated brass faucets, pipes, and pipe fittings. The Safe Drinking Water Act of 1986 prohibited the use of lead solder having more than 0.2% lead and capped the lead level of plumbing supplies at 8%. Lead solder, pipelines, and fixtures are more prevalent in homes built prior to 1986.

Protecting against lead in drinking water

Love Well & Water Works LLC and property owners are jointly responsible for protecting drinking water from lead contamination. We are responsible for locating and removing all public-owned lead service lines from the system. Owners are responsible for finding and removing any lead service lines or plumbing components serving their properties. Utilize this online tool developed by NPR to identify whether or not you have a lead service line.

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