A hose bibb, also known as your outdoor spigots, is one of the most useful tools that your house provides, as it directs water to wherever it is needed, such as for washing the vehicle, watering the flowers, filling the kiddie pool, and operating the sprinklers. But did you realize that if this incredibly handy summer equipment were to freeze over the winter, it might cause significant property damage? Before you turn on your hose bibb for fall and summer use, there are a number of steps you need do.

Describe a hose bibb.

The hose bibb, also known as a sillcock, is a tap linked to your home’s main water supply. You may locate one outside your back entrance, front door, or garage, among other places. Many properties have many locations; make careful to include all of them.

Broken hose bibbs = BIG PROBLEMS

Because the interior rooms are heated and insulated, the majority of the property’s water pipes will not freeze during the winter months. However, water pipes in exterior walls, crawl spaces, and other vulnerable locations are subject to damage. In the winter, the water in these pipes might freeze due to cold temperatures. If you’ve ever forgotten a Pepsi can in the freezer, you already know what happens. BOOM! The same holds true for an unattended hose bibb. The water’s expansion causes the pipes to explode. When you turn on your faucet in the fall and water once again runs through the damaged pipe, moisture might enter the home and cause more damage. In addition, your property may be without water until the problem is rectified.

Prior to turning on your water faucet, you must:

Step 1: Search for water leaks in your home.

If you detect a leak when you turn on the hose for the first time this fall, it is likely due to a fractured pipe caused by the cold winter conditions. In this situation, you should call a qualified plumber since you don’t want that minor fracture to turn into a broken pipe.

Check for leaks in or around your outside hose bibb in Step 2.

A leaking exterior spigot can cause external, interior, and even foundational damage to your property if it is not repaired.

Step 3: Conduct a falltime inspection of your hose bibb.

Simply turn on the outside faucet and inspect for leaks. If you turned off the water supply to the faucet for the winter, remember to turn it back on first. Determine the source of a leak if one is seen. If you are unclear whether you have a leak, contact a licensed plumber. These leaks should not be taken lightly, since they can cause significant water damage to your property.

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