Getting back to normal habits means more enjoyable family gatherings and more garbage disposal use. Contrary to its name, a trash disposal cannot handle everything that homeowners flush down the drain, and repeatedly flushing the WRONG items can cause damage or possibly necessitate replacement. Here are our top seven suggestions for what you should never put in your garbage disposal.


Although this may seem apparent, many waste disposals are harmed by a few forks or spoons that slip in unnoticed. Before using the disposal, ensure that no non-food objects are present. Always disconnect the garbage disposal and turn off the electricity before removing anything. Even better, use pliers or tongs to retrieve anything from the garbage disposal.

In contrast to other liquids, grease may harden in your drain and cause a blockage. The same applies to all oils and fats. All of these objects should be placed in the trash, not the disposal.


Fibrous Vegetables: Vegetables such as celery, asparagus, potato peelings, and onion skins should not be put down the garbage disposal, as their fibers and strands might get caught in the blades and cause blockages or additional damage.


Uncooked or Cooked Pasta and Rice: When combined with water, pasta and rice expand. This implies that the more pasta or rice you throw down your disposal, the higher the likelihood that your pipes will become clogged with a large starch-based gel.


Coffee Grounds: These are another another disposal no-no, as coffee grounds sometimes clog the drain trap. Also, they can clog a disposal.


Bones: Whether they come from chicken or fish, bones are tough for a garbage disposal to process and can quickly cause damage or failure.


Seeds, Cores, and Pits: Fruit pits and apple cores provide a barrier for even industrial-grade garbage disposals and should be discarded.

Consider building a compost pile if you find yourself with an abundance of these products and no place to store them. A compost pile may be useful to your yard, garden, and the environment if you have the space and the need for it.

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