Owners of private water wells frequently question when they will need to update their pump. The average lifespan of a well pump is 10 years, but with proper maintenance and care, they may survive even longer. Knowing when the pump is malfunctioning and must be repaired is also essential. This can help you avoid the expense and inconvenience of replacing the pump.

The basic answer to the question of how long water well pumps in North Carolina endure is that it depends on how well the pump is maintained and serviced. Learn how to get the most out of your water well pump by reading on.

Regular maintenance schedule

A variety of fundamental maintenance chores must be performed to maintain the water well pump working at top efficiency. You can attempt to do them on your own, but in many instances, it may be preferable to hire specialists. All of the following should be performed consistently:

  • Clean the cooling fan of the pump. By removing dirt from the cooling fan, the temperature may be regulated by the pump.
  • Check for leaks in the flanges. If water is accumulating around the base, then a leak is most likely to blame, and repairs are necessary.
  • Ensure that the inside bearings and mechanics of the well pump are operating correctly. This is done to prevent overheating.
  • Examine the O-rings and gaskets to ensure that they are not worn or broken. Replace any that are not in good shape, if necessary.
    Pressure tanks

In addition to extending the life of your water well, installing a pressure tank is also recommended. The well’s pump will pump water into the tank until the desired water pressure is reached, then shut off until it is required again. Without a pressure tank, the system will have to work harder because it will be in continuous operation.

Identifying the ideal pump

People frequently underestimate the size and power of the pump required to maintain their well operational. If it is too tiny or lacks sufficient power to service the home or irrigation system, it will have to run in overdrive, causing the pump to wear out. Also, too-large or too-powerful pump is likely to stir up silt in the well, which might lead to malfunctions. To ensure the longevity of the pump you choose for your water well, you should consult an expert.

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